So says Nate Martz, theater-goer and man-about-town

I was digging the shadow box and the flying kitchen set.
Scout is a pretty talented little actress if I do say so.

Thank you for a wonderful performance of "The Miracle Worker"

Dear Mr. Hughes,

I want to thank you for directing such a WONDERFUL play as The Miracle Worker.  My
daughter, Alexa, and I saw it last night.  We had the opportunity to meet you briefly and
you gave me your card.

I have to tell you that Alexa talked about the play all the way home.  (We had a one hour
drive back to Warwick, R.I.)  When we got home she had to stay up to tell my husband all
about it.  She was very moved by this experience and she even cried a little bit for
Helen -- that is how well acted this performance was.  She had read a book on the lives
of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan before, but seeing this portion of their lives depicted
dramatically was a whole new experience for her.

As I mentioned to you, we just moved to Rhode Island from New York City at the start of
September.  One of my main goals for my two children was to continue their participation
with the arts.  I am so happy to have discovered Mainstage because it is an affordable
and worthwhile experience for my children.  Although my son is still too young to attend
a long dramatic performance, I look forward to bringing him in a few years.

So, in brief, I simply want to offer you and the entire cast and crew of The Miracle
Worker my heartfelt congratulations for delivering such an outstanding performance.  I
plan to tell the Head of School where my daughter attends, with the hope that they will
be willing and able to have the students participate in field trip to Mainstage.

So thank you once again...and thank you for being so welcoming to Alexa last night.  This
was truly a wonderful experience for her.

Best regards,
Clarise A. Brooks Major


What People are Saying

I am writing to express how deeply moved I was to see the ‘Miracle Worker’ last Saturday.

What a wonderful piece of work you guys have created!

The effort and love that your team has poured into this production clearly seeps through every scene.

What gripped me most was that the actors and technicians seem to be not just ‘putting up’ the show, but ‘feeling’ each line and movement of it. I strongly resonated with the content of the play too, having been a firm believer in ‘benefit from deficit’.

I am so glad that I witnessed the ‘Miracle Worker’ which portrays human condition and relationships at so many levels, and through so many layers.

All the very best for upcoming shows.

Best regards,


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