Brecht Unplugged Recap

Despite the illnesses and bad weather, the show ended on a high note. We hope all who joined us enjoyed the show--or at least walked away thinking about things (like say war, the theater, Bertolt Brecht, society, and Roxbury Repertory Theatre).

Thanks to a fantastic cast and crew including director Maureen Shea, designer Mirta Tocci, producing director Marshall Hughes, artistic director Robbie McCauley, assistant director Camille Thompson, the amazing Rebecca Finkelstein as stage manager, technical director Craig Zemsky, dramaturg Elizabeth Mueller, Tom Pendergast-musician extraordinaire, and she-who-does-it-all Pam Green. And like I said, the cast--the stupendous, super-contentious, happening cast: Chris Wrenn, Dinan Messiqua, Mel Penley, Cheryl Murphy, Chris McCoy, Nick Neyeloff, Garry Bates, Alan Rias, David Curtis, Alex Smith, Riode Jean-Felix, Herby Charmant, Fary Jean-Felix, Rasheed Jean-Felix, Michael Truppi, Julie Dapper, Jeung Soon Takeda, Fran Renehan, Sadie Roze Zavgren, and Donna Spurlock (what a gal). Brecht would be proud of you all, I think. What do I know. There are more photos to come!

See you at the next show.

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